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Building for Earthquakes
Real-world tests on building materials are conducted on large tables that simulate ground shaking using accurate seismic data. … This allows engineers to test how building materials will stand up under different earthquake scenarios. … The San …
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Uganda: Who Is to Blame for Collapsing Buildings?
… measures by KCCA, the architects and engineers guilds meted out to members or offices on whose watch such calamities occur. Similarly, providers of building materials should be subjected to rigorous standards checks so that steel bars, cement and …

Steelworks need to 'tech up' to compete with China, says Fortescue's Nev Power
"China is a probably one of the few countries in the world right now that is investing heavily in new technology in their steel industry, and the new steel mills that they are building are very competitive – they're low emission, they're highly …
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