Tiny House Movement, Meet Construction Giant

Tiny House Movement, Meet Construction Giant
… and a recent development may tip the scales. The largest privately held supplier of building materials in the United States, 84 Lumber, is officially stepping into the tiny-house market. The construction giant's new Tiny Living collection consists …
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County's public safety building construction may be delayed
The new public safety building is planned to house the county's 911 dispatch center, emergency management, hazardous materials and Homeland Security operations, geographic information systems and addressing, and the coroner's office. It also will be a …
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Wood-And-Glue Skyscrapers Are On The Rise
Thanks to advances in wood construction, the next generation of skyscraper might be made of spruce, not steel. Architects are designing wood buildings that ditch concrete and steel in favor of a more environmentally friendly material—one that could …
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