4D Simulations – Civil Engineering Projects

Examples of InteliBuild Virtual Construction 4D Animations showing excavation, temporary works, construction sequences. These videos are created using Revit,…

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  • Dave Rajan says:

    Sorry i’m in i.t but still watching this!!!!!

  • Tapas Das says:

    I am a civil engineer.

  • engwaledalmotiry says:

    I’m Fresh Civil Engineer :p

  • don santillan says:

    its interesting to be civil engineer..

  • 1100HondaCB says:

    Strangely, I sat A-levels in Physics and Mathematics and go the grades I needed. I was offered a place at University to study either Aeronautics or Civil Engineering back in 2001. I decided not to go to University and to a degree, some what regret it, but then I could have got the qualification only to find I can’t get a job, so it would have been a waste of time, just as getting the A-levels were as I’ve never used them. Post graduates can’t get jobs so what’s the point?

  • ADEEL HASSAN says:

    i am interested in 4d.
    Have a look at my profile/CV and suggest that i shall apply for Job in your company.

  • IndustrialBeaver says:

    I saw this movie when I just started with Navisworks, now after some time and several 4D animations I still think this one is one of the most impressive animation on youtube. Just bought Manage 2014, looking forward to do some rendering :). Keep up the good, BIM is our future 🙂

  • Abu Nizaar says:

    nice… this is interesting i like it…

  • Amibition Zhang says:

    this is touched me ,im from shanghai ,china ,i think maybe we could make the parter and do some busyness in china ,if u like ,plz contract me , email: amibition.zhang@gmail.com thx


    These construct ability assessments enable engineers, planners and site staff to visualize and understand construction sequences. This leads to better safety


    Hi, you can apply by contacting us and submitting your résumé to
    Intelibuild.recruitment at gmail.com

  • 69gunah says:

    I wouldnt mind working for you. This seems so interesting.

  • Haryono yono says:


  • أبوبكر الفاتح جمييل says:

    so .. what about safety ! umm


    4D = 3D Model + Time
    It’s a common term in construction for the planning of projects using 3D models and animations. We also use Navisworks Simulate to create direct links between programmes (schedules) and building information models.

  • ChiefWyse says:


  • shahramashrat says:

    thanks for ur attention for my question and wish u best of luck with your company

  • CBJConstruction says:

    This is amazing, How do you guys do this, I am assuming you are building the models in Revit, but are you then putting it into time liner then doing some export into Maya for the animation? or do you animate it fully with scheduling in Maya.

    I build 3D models in revit in phases, so I am wondering how to try and do somethign like this


    Our company specialise in BIM and 3D CAD modelling for construction projects. We take drawings, survey information and other data and convert it into 3D models. We then link those models to programmes to create 4D visualisations.

    None of our current staff have surveying experience or training. Unfortunately we cant give you any advice on which courses to take or provide you with any links.

    Good Luck for your studies.

  • shahramashrat says:

    if possible can u plzz send me some links to the videos which explains the course i want to study( Certificate 3 in spatial information survey)? i will b grateful thanks

  • shahramashrat says:

    actually i am about to study cert 3 in spatial information survey this year so i was searching for videos to know how the work environment looks like, therefore, i came across this video and i really really liked it. i had never seen such a video b4.thanks for ur reply. peace


    Thanks. Please let us know how you came across this video. Just searching on Youtube or on another site? Cheers

  • shahramashrat says:

    wow i was overwhelmed by this amazing work

  • Roberto Aulico says:

    very beautiful work. you explain in a realistic way all the implication in a building construction project

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