5 Cheap Do-It-Yourself Home Repairs

5 cheap home repairs you can make today that will save money tomorrow.
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http://homerepair.gregvan.com click on this link to learn more about home repairs. Watch this video to find out how much damage a small water leak can do to …
Video Rating: 5 / 5

10 Responses to 5 Cheap Do-It-Yourself Home Repairs

  • TheHomeReport says:

    Dirty filters can cost major $

  • 68NYC says:

    Thanks. Leaks cost me an extra $25 on my water bill.

  • gregvancom says:

    Could you provide the viewers with a little more information about the
    products you use? Is there a reason why you would use one product over the

  • razorsharkabc says:

    Are you doing this job? It looks it. Anyway its a good thing this was
    stopped. It was just going to get worse. Like you said tear it all out and
    spray it down with bleach and close it back up.Also it always a good idea
    to look under the kitchen sink cabinet for leaks every now and then. Just
    about every house I remodel the bottom of the sink cabinet is rotten.

  • manholewisdom says:

    well you don’t wanna use bleach cuz it’s about 1.00 a gallon. The
    professional stuff is like 10.00 a gallon. I used it a couple of times and
    it smells just like bleach water. I’m sure it’s a lot better though cuz it
    cost more.

  • gregvancom says:

    Hopefully I can keep up with it, but don’t hesitate to let me know again,
    if it isn’t working out. I appreciate as much input as anyone is willing to

  • Imran Malik says:

    Thank you for improving voice of video

  • hagen980 says:

    As a Restoration Professional I would not recomend spraying Bleach or
    Chlorine anywhere in the home. We use EPA registered antimicrobial
    disinfectant. I done this exact job hundreds of times.

  • gregvancom says:

    I am often amazed at how many times someone actually views something as
    inferior or superior, simply because of its price. Hopefully this
    individual responds, but like so many who leave comments that require a
    little more information to support their claims, they disappear.

  • gregvancom says:

    No I did this job about five years ago and it was actually the first time I
    worked for a man named John Smith, could you imagine that. I will probably
    never forget this job, because of his name. Anyway you’re right on about
    the kitchen sink and you’re doing your clients a big favor, by checking it
    out for them.

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