A lesson in sustainability

A lesson in sustainability
Recycling and repurposing construction materials that came out of the building during demolition was high on the list. “We knew there was going to be a huge amount of construction waste coming out of that building and we wanted to keep a lot of it out …
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Japanese Breakthrough & 3D Printing Could Make Wireless Transmission of
He says during the 1970s and 1980s, analysis of the rocks collected during the six Apollo moon landings showed those specimens contained silicon, magnesium, aluminum, and titanium, and those are the basic materials need to build functional solar cells …
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School News: Des Moines
The theme was friendship. First, teachers read a book to students about friendship. Then, older students partnered up with younger students and made a quilt square on construction paper about friendship. All of the quilt squares will be combined into …
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