Advanced Muscle Building Program from IFBB Ben Pakulski

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The Wave Loading Workout (CHEST TRAINING) Muscle Building Program

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28 Responses to Advanced Muscle Building Program from IFBB Ben Pakulski

  • Craig Wilson says:

    Here is a quick look inside the most advanced muscle building system of Ben
    Pakulski. For more info visit this link: 

  • Donald Wilson says:

    Here is a quick look inside the most advanced muscle building system of Ben
    Pakulski. For more info visit this link: 

  • Gym Motivation says:

    Here is a quick look inside the most advanced muscle building system of Ben
    Pakulski. For more info visit this link: 

  • Brandon Nguyen says:

    friggin easy.. looked tooo easy

  • winkz007 says:

    hey vince, my max bench weight is 155 pounds. What weight do you think i
    should start my first wave with and what weight should i finish with on my
    last wave?

  • SkeptikMC says:

    LOL the guy in white. If Vince has taken any performance enhancers, you
    know it aint more than Var or Winny when you look at the difference between
    the two… Not knocking juicers, if it helps you reach the goal and you’re
    doing it safely who am I to judge.

  • Vince DelMonte says:

    @TheDavemann11 1. Yes 2. 100% it matters. CNS workouts in the AM increase
    the amount of muscle fibers you recruit in your the PM by 5-7% because of
    the increase neural muscular adaptations. ALWAYS ALWAYS do your CNS workout
    in the am if doing double day workouts.

  • Derek Iwasiuk says:

    @VinceDelMonte how was the results from the camp anyways? that 5 lb claim
    of muscle tissue is a HUGE claim

  • wgudeni says:

    Hi, have you discovered Ripped X Beast? (look it up on Google) You will
    find out about the crimes we commit against our bodies. With Ripped X
    Beast, you will discover how to bulk up quickly.

  • backnite1 says:

    this dude is so fucking weak i hit this 4 times today and i weigh 155 right
    know. my bro throw this 18 times today what a lame

  • Vince DelMonte says:

    It is a strength training protocol. Try it for 4-6 weeks and let me know
    how you make out.

  • MitchCarlton747 says:

    This is a 4 week wave done in 1 workout.

  • Derrick Diaz says:

    @XXKyle182XX Read the description carefully. 60% of your one rep max n
    increase accordingly.. Hope that answers ur question.

  • BuddyGaming says:

    Try doing reverse wave loading. It might be better for strength than
    regular wave loading.

  • zadrak47 says:

    Hey vince, but you didn’t go to failure, is it still ok?

  • TheEpic2 says:

    Vince for the Wave Loading Workout, do we start with 80% of 1 RM? I dont
    seem to find it in the discription.

  • Dash Lisek says:

    So you would do this in the morning and then come back 4-8 hrs later to
    finish chest correct? Just tryin to grab a hold of this idea. How exactly
    does it benefit hypertrophy vs. a typical workout? Thanks.

  • Jesus Alejos says:

    u did only 7 reps on da first set of da second wave…just sayin…

  • Vince DelMonte says:

    Thank you!

  • dragak1981 says:

    @dragak1981 training the nervous system. Some of the many benefits of
    training the nervous system are: increased neural drive to the muscle,
    increased synchronization of motor units, increased activation of the
    contractile apparatus, and decreased inhibition by the protective
    mechanisms of the muscle (golgi tendon organ). These training methods also
    hypertrophy the pure fast twitch fibers – the high-threshold, Type IIB

  • dragak1981 says:

    @dragak1981 Ok so I did a little research into myofibrillar hypertrophy. If
    that is what the wave workouts are supposed to achieve, it does not look
    like it will achieve it. So it looks like heavy loads and low reps are best
    to achieve myofibrillar hypertrophy. That is not what the wave workouts are
    doing at all. Vince please explain what is wrong with this assessment.

  • ian74747 says:

    Oh 3 weeks minimum and 4 weeks maximum. Thanks by the way.

  • Vince DelMonte says:

    @duberz Wave loading has been around from the 1960s… we did review at the

  • Vince DelMonte says:

    Don’t do it unless you’re trying to specialize on a certain body part for a
    short period of time.

  • Vince DelMonte says:

    Yes. If it is paid in full, you get 50% off.

  • Franco Costanzo says:

    hey Vince love the vids!!! quick question for the chest You only do bench
    presses??? no other excercises??

  • White Flight Whipz says:

    Your awesome bro this is exactly the kind of thing I’m looking for to help
    me get my lifts up without the help of a spotter. I can’t wait to get
    started big fan I watch every one of your videos maybe one day I will meet

  • Adam Albright says:

    any accessory movements? not specifically wave-loaded but just simple
    stuff. ex: after 6 sets of wave loading, some more “bodybuilding-style”
    stuff like Dips 12×4, Flyes 15×3 etc. in place of a secondary workout.

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