Basement Finishing Cost Breakdown

In this DIY video Eddie discusses the cost of the building materials that you will need to finish your basement 100%. You will probably be surprised when you…
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6 Responses to Basement Finishing Cost Breakdown

  • Patrick Schwartz says:

    Thank you for taking the time to make these quality videos. You truly help
    guys like me take on big projects in a productive and quality way. Keep up
    the great work!

  • Under A Minute says:

    Nice, its so hard to get people to talk about numbers, yet, you gave us a
    nice break down. Thanks for not being afraid to give a ball park.

  • cicy zhao says:

    Hi, Dear Sir. Would you be able to come to renovate my basement from start
    to finish? I have watched couple of your videos and I found out I like how
    you designed and renovate everything in the basement. I just recently
    bought a house and moved in except the basement is unfinished. We are
    looking to renovate it in these few months. Would you be able to come to
    see and estimate a price for us or do you have an email I can show you some
    pics? I will have to measure it and let you know how big is it. I am in
    Easton PA. Please reply thank you. Sincerely. We would like wood floor
    instead of carpet though..

  • Todd Carrick says:

    What would be your estimated cost to do a custom built 2 tier wet bar that
    is about 12 feet long? Also what would be the costs of the custom built ins
    you made in your one finished basement video a few years ago?

  • Mary Holfelner says:

    I’m trying to get an idea of how much it would cost to do a bear bones
    finish of the basement. ours is the same sqaure feet of our house so about
    1300 sqft/ There is already a bit of dry wall up and only about 3 walls
    still need it. how much would it cost usually to do just simple dry wall,
    trim and maybe having ceiling tiles installed. we were thinking of keep
    the floors concrete but like stained or painted. we also have 2 small
    basement like windows we wanted to replace.

  • Elisa Costanza says:

    Wow. I must say this is amazing. I am just buying a home and thinking of
    doing the basement. This basement give or take will be 500-600 sq. ft. So
    it should be substantially less then your configurations. I did have one
    question for you. On Step 12 you said to make sure you do this last in
    terms of putting everything else up, what if I decided to stain my concrete
    floors. We are going for a loft feel in the basement. Would you still
    recommend to keep this option in Step 12 or do it right away to avoid
    putting up plastic and tape so the stain does not get on the walls? Again,
    I have watched quite a few of your videos and I can’t thank you enough for
    sharing your knowledge and techniques. 

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