Building a PVC Bow Hot Box Part 1 – Materials, Layout, and Cutting

Check out my blog for the full materials list and some pictures of the general layout for the PVC bow hot box / oven :…

14 Responses to Building a PVC Bow Hot Box Part 1 – Materials, Layout, and Cutting

  • BackyardBowyer says:

  • The Amazing Spider-Dude says:

    I love what you do bro your the best! 

  • clara17uk says:

    Clarty paths ,they sell them in b and q i couldnt replie in the plumbing

  • Ijaz Sultan says:

    Hey nick can you do a build on a green arrow or Hawkeye inspired recurve
    bow it’s supposed to be an adult recurve I predict it should be 60-75
    pounds. I’m not forcing or anything it’s your channel not mine this is just
    a recommendation.

  • Charles Christopher says:

    Just in case anyone thinks they may need to cut lots of angled lines in
    dry-wall, thick motherboard, etc. there is are tools made specifically for
    the task. Most craft stores would carry matt cutters that can be used with
    a steel square to make long cuts with a 45° cant along their length. This
    will be the tool I use to build a heater box, if I think I’ll ever need
    one; as I do not trust my carving ability as much as Nick trusts his.

  • Gnuk says:

    ..And here I thought I was going to have to figure out how to make that
    fantastic box on my own. You are a gentleman and a scholar, thank you.

  • Laura Garrison says:

    Just a thought, here. You can get nice straight cuts with a “drywall
    t-square” also found at Lowes or home depot. This would make the edges fit
    nicely together and result in less heat loss at the seams. It may even make
    the thing more rigid. Keep up the awesome work Nick.

  • kg1016 says:

    Thanks for the videos. Well detailed and inspiring. I finished making the
    box and just put a hole in the side to allow the heat gun to flow into the
    bottom. No additional
    lights to buy, no switch or wire. I bought the heat gun at Harbor Freight
    for $8.00. An optional step for the electrically challenged. Great for
    those who already have the gun.

  • Xer0zen says:

    This is just fantastic, thanks!

  • Overwatch252 says:

    Good stuff man. im gonna make one of these because i keep getting spots on
    my pipe when i use a heat gun. seams like it heats pretty evenly. thanks
    for the great info 😉 keep up the great videos.

  • windarcane says:

    Thanks for the tutorial! This is great!

  • Thomas McGinnis says:

    This is awesome. I can’t wait to see Part 2.
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Tengu3000 says:

    Clarty Paths, I’ve also seen them in Wickes as well – should be able to
    mail-order them in as well

  • michael hoyle says:

    16 gauge wire is too thin to use for the amount of current you are pulling
    with those bulbs you really be using 12 or 14 gauge, the larger the gauge
    the less heat build up in the wire as the easier for the current to flow
    though it. Great video as usual! 

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