Hemp Building Materials

Hemp can make a cement-like substance that is stronger & lighter than traditional cement.
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  • Dale Van Den Heuvel says:

    We are looking for a builder who can build for us in Vilcabamba Ecuador, any help would be much appreciated. 🙂

  • Jim Bronaugh says:

    `Read my comments before you write stupid replies. I am in favor of Hemp. I am an opponent of ‘Marijuana’ the hybrid manipulation of Hemp that is used by persons of limited intelligence to get high and misread comments. I wrote LEGALIZE HEMP because it is of such great value and has the potential to save the world.

  • Wrench Bender says:

    you can’t get high on hemp. Read the facts before you write blogs that you obviously don’t know ANYTHING about !

  • Wrench Bender says:

    the lives it will ruin are corporate hogs, who run the building supply industry.

  • Jim Bronaugh says:

    I wouldn’t care if it made everyone who smoked it vomit and shit themselves. In fact I think that would be a blessing. Every proponent of legalized marijuana rolls this scroll full of facts out and self-righteously smacks their lips as they read them. I don’t care. Legalize HEMP and fuck the people who use it as a drug. I don’t care what happens to them . May they go blind and be sodomized by the HEmp gods. LEGALIZE HEMP. fuck the people who smoke it. Let them do what they wilt.

  • Winstonsees says:

    Personally I don’t smoke marijuana. That said it is WAY less destructive in society than alcohol for instance.

  • Jim Bronaugh says:

    Don’t smoke marijuana. I know it is not detrimental. I know is is a good medicine for 100 illnesses. I know that it is non addictive to 99% of the population. I also know that the image of stinking unwashed stoners sitting around sniffing each others butts while looking to ‘score’ some fine buds is being used to destroy the earth. Rally for hemp. reject Marijuana. Set the world free.

  • Winstonsees says:

    DuPont led the charge to get hemp banned because they wanted a market for their inferior nylon products. Hemp is a major threat to the oil and chemical cartels.

  • Jim Bronaugh says:

    Hemp is like the Garden of Eden and the government thinks it is God. Hemp can provide an abundance to mankind, and has always done so, but for that one little thing. Just because 5% of the population can only see one use, to get high, then the rest of mankind must suffer. Banning hemp is for the good of the Ellite, not humanity. Fear that we will eat of the fruit of knowledge, that is get high, is grounds to kill millions and bring despair everywhere. Some God that government huh.

  • Martin Kieft says:

    i think it produces more work its cheaper so more people want to buy it that would be allot tax the gouvermant misses more then billion mega billions

  • Brittiany Hightower says:

    I’m quoting you, lol

  • Nik Lyons says:

    Can someone please post on how to make this at home!!!

  • Joshua Martin says:

    Let my people grow!

  • Snoopii211 says:

    the ones at the police station got pulled out they turned to be males the ones i grew around town didnt have that much bud swagy stuff i didnt look after it since i live in a country wer it rains all the time

  • Helenelalala says:

    can’t stop laughing!!!! that’s sooo well done!!!!! did you check the results of this now??

  • Alan Parker Reid says:

    Put this in your plans and build a real green home. Wake up and see cannabis hemp is way more than you think. Every day someone confronts me about my promotion of the tree of life. Why is that so hard to swallow? When you know the truth such as hemp is not only nontoxic but every fiber of this plant is life giving and even when abused it is not addictive if you could only get past the lies you would see the incredible good and value in the bush that burned & was not consumed;^) HempLife.us APR4U

  • brian puelska says:


  • letsgetverydrunk says:

    it doesn’t petrify, it doesn’t mineralize, use the right words.

  • Diana SUNSHINE Wulf says:


  • Tomas Ceh says:

    Nice video. Good to use.

  • greatruaha says:

    I went on a course in earth houses, we used hempcrete there!

  • Snoopii211 says:

    me and my mates already try haha put seeds all around my town and put 5 on the local police station garden cant wait to see the development:)

  • nalejbank says:

    Ron Paul would decriminalize hemp and lead the world in doing the same. For our voters in the US… Go Ron Paul for greater competition and a healthier environment!

    Food for thought and other uses! Environmentalists should support Ron Paul for President! This would be a bi-product of decriminalizing hemp.

    w w w . Ron Paul 2012 . com

  • twohseven says:

    Unfortunately the masses (sheeple) are not going to care or look into the truth of things for themselves, they need everything spoon fed to them in simplified thorough forms because their critical thinking and open mindedness has been diminished and buried under the programs theyve been subjected to.. many of them will depend on the rest of us (the awakening) to lead the way to bring truth before all to see and then denial will simply be irrelevant. Hemp is only one of the hundreds of things too

  • Fo20clothing says:



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