HempCrete Strongest & Greenest Building material in Nature

MORE HEMP VIDEO BELOW – Song : The Luminaries – Hemp Can Save the World Hemp has always been a cash crop. Fuel may be the most important product you can get …
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  • Bruce Ashby says:

    Madame Prairie in France is building 300 house across Europe, she is only
    banned by the hemp restrictions. Nuthouse if trying to push for its

  • Steven Feil says:

    Global warming is a HUGE falsehood. Lose it already.

  • lorenza jAMES says:

    First we have to get rid of the FDA, THE PLASTIC INDUSTRY AND CORRUPT

  • a a ron balake says:

    stupid ass song

  • MisterNickOtine says:

    after moving in most tokers will exhale enough cannabinoids to properly
    fumigate and cure the walls against mold. initially the process can be
    carried out in full ahead of time by having a massive house party,
    including a bombass sized bong and several wheelbarrows of dank. put one
    of those fumigating tents over the house and hotbox the shit out of it and
    you’re mold free

  • Marvin Jordan says:

    Humans definitely have an impact on the environment.Humans definitely have
    a stewardship responsibility for the environment which sustains our life.
    Evidence suggests that growing populations coupled with increasing
    industrialization and mobility are accelerating negative impacts–one
    effect of which is to accelerate climate change. Evidence also suggests
    that politicians in many parts of the world are using “global warming” as a
    scare tactic to promote increased control over others–political control
    enforceable with guns and economic sanctions. Much of the “science” being
    thrown around in political speeches to justify this kind of legislation is
    pure nonsense or outright falsehood. Governments with their regulatory
    powers and their investments in large scale public works have more power to
    effect environmental change than the citizens they serve. They should be
    changing their own behaviors rather than imposing “solutions” on others.
    Evidence suggests governments have less ability to make good stewardship
    decisions and investments than do responsible individuals concerned for
    their family’s welfare. When super-national and international businesses
    and organizations, with powers often as great as governments, also fail to
    fulfill their stewardship responsibilities, disastrous effects can quickly
    accumulate, such as uncontrolled tree harvesting, unconstrained
    distribution of genetically modified plant seeds, misdirected mining and
    drilling techniques, and misuse of chemicals, drugs, and technology–all
    with poorly understood long term consequences. All the studies of methods
    to reduce carbon emissions, such as those talked about in these videos, are
    useful, but the one thing which would have the greatest impact on air
    quality and global warming is to reforest the vast acreages of rain forest
    and stop clear cut harvesting in major native climax tree stands. The other
    thing which would be most useful is the reintroduction of beaver in every
    stream in Europe and America, to conserve water, to reestablish habitat and
    climate moderating foliage, and to reverse the desertification of soils.
    These are all things that are fairly easily accomplished (if we have the
    collective will to do so), are not only cheaper than the solutions being
    bandied about but would quickly pay substantial returns on investment, and,
    none of them require draconian limitations on individual rights or
    freedoms. Oh, did I mention: Stop making destructive and unjustified wars
    all over the place?

  • Barskor1 says:

  • K Singleton says:

    I am a plaster by trade, how do you stop the mold?

  • Al Montoya says:

    Madame Prairie in France is building 300 house across Europe, she is only
    banned by the hemp restrictions. Nuthouse if trying to push for its

  • robinchwan says:

    i agree with hemp being used again. BUT i do not… i repeat i do NOT!
    agree with global warming that humans are at fault! yes the globe is
    warminig but that is only natural. there are cold periods and warm periods
    and a few thousand years ago it was warmer then it is today and greenland
    was not under ice! and the periods since then has been colder then warmer
    again! and we’re right not in a warming cycle! this has been proven by the
    tests in the ice! yes air pollution is bad ( for animal life and
    humans..just look at china) but to think that we are the reason for global
    warming is just plain idiotic! i agree that we need a better way to keep
    air pollution down and as far as i know for now my own country is working
    on it! for both industry and vehicles. taxing for global warming is just
    like taxing for breathing air or drinking water! 

  • Bryan Chapa says:

    Wake up .

  • ryan ilinca says:

    People are ignorant about weed,hemp and marijuana is the same plant,not
    cousins.Marijuana is the female plant that contains all the thc and hemp is
    the male plant that contains all the seeds but practically no thc.One male
    plant can fertilize a hole acre of female plants making them grow seeds as
    well and then the plant becomes hermaphrodite.

  • Paul Davidson says:

    The guy in red shirt don’t know the first this about the world heating up
    read your Bible 

  • Dean Delgado says:

    global warming is a farce!

  • Bridget Simpson says:

    i wonder why hemp is illegal. we all know you can’t get high off it.
    what’s the rationale?

  • Lulubelle says:

    Global warming? No need to listen to the rest of this.

  • Louis Bothma says:

    Thank you !

  • Ghost Busters says:


  • snakemasterthorno says:

    smoke the house ;)

  • rankemperor says:

    Excellent hemp video! :)

  • Diana SUNSHINE Wulf says:

  • J. Michelle Phillips says:

    This could save us all in so many ways. Check it out and no you won’t get
    high, sorry!!!!! LOL!! But really check it out.

  • eathealthier4u says:

    Interesting…isn’t there some state trying to legalize this? That would
    be huge. We all need to throw our support behind that if so…

  • Peter IcYou says:

    Come where are the green parties, so easy to cot the chemical pollution

  • Chris Moudy says:

    Hempcreet An ~ indusrtial ~ competitive advantage wasted on fuel for
    transport / Carbon footprint / importing red tape / Antiquated – obsolete
    politics ! / Corporate monopoly .

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