Hitachi Construction Machinery Factory Amsterdam

Hitachi Construction Machinery’s Assembly plant at their European Head office in Amsterdam.

3 Responses to Hitachi Construction Machinery Factory Amsterdam

  • Pine Chopper says:

    Too bad their electric power tools are made in China now. The quality is
    really low. I have 25 year old electric sanders and they still work just

  • infra bazaar says:

    Wow !!

  • infra bazaar says:

    Congratulations to Hitachi for the wonderful journey. Wishing you great
    success ahead. We deal with Soil Compactor, All Terrain Cranes, Tandem
    Roller, Tippers and Dumpers, Asphalt Pave, Mobile Crusher & all other
    equipment related to infrastructure. Anyone can now buy / sell / rent /
    lease equipment in the comfort of their offices .

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