How Hemp Is Used for Food, Clothing, Building Materials and In Cars Like Lotus

Learn More at: Hemp is being recognised by more and more people as one of the most versatile plants on the planet. There are over 2…
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RE-TREAD PRODUCTS Inc. (RTP) has developed a new building material made from recycled tires called the “Tire Log™”. The Tire Log™ is a patented innovation ma…

33 Responses to How Hemp Is Used for Food, Clothing, Building Materials and In Cars Like Lotus

  • Superman123AC says:


  • emaildude99 says:

    Lol would of be harvested anyways

  • 89Maserati says:

    and holy fuck…i’d somehow sneak and hide inside that huge weed forest and get high as fuck all day all night yeaaah..

  • 89Maserati says:

    0:33 i love how he just crushed that innocent plant…

  • Massaricossudo says:

    Obama is a DRUG.

  • catz4god says:

    Henry Ford built his first Model T completely from hemp. And oh ya he also used hemp as the fuel! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!

  • krrrruptidsoless says:

    I was going to ask about rotting fibers and flammability issues but it is probably already answered.

  • alla hemp says:

    hemp hope!

  • gilosan100 says:

    thats hemp, it almost has no thc calm down

  • smkat420 says:

    You definitely cant get high from hemp, no matter how high or low the thc is in hemp, it is still to low to get high Christopher educate yourself….medicinal marijuana will get you high but not hemp.

  • Geraint Christopher says:


    You can get Drugs from Hemp, just depends on the variety grown, but obviously the varieties grown here are low THC industrial Hemp strains, rather than high THC Medicinal Hemp strains.

    Great film, very inspiring, but don’t forget Henry Ford was making Hemp cars in the 1940’s and running it on Hemp ethanol. Glad to see the motor industry, and others, are catching up on Hemp. Hemp, Hemp Hooray.

  • tj dvs says:

    educate yourself fool!

  • conautiver says:

    2:29-2:35 lol thats how i want to harvest

  • stonedfuzzie says:

    you cant get drugs from hemp, he says it like weed is bad, still credits to him for even doing this 🙂

  • p0k3r8cez says:

    man thats pretty damn awesome.

  • mywhitenoise says:

    There were no worthy buds there, and you can’t get high from hemp…you dumb ass.

  • mofobrofoshoable says:

    There’s hardly any THC in it you numpty

  • holdendgk says:

    I wana knock that faggot out who cut down all them beautifull buds!

  • Maimiink009 says:

    Nice car

  • mi777ke777 says:

    This is the greatest thing a car manufacturer has done ever.

  • pigeonpsycho says:

    this is long over due, industry monopoly is losing its grip.

  • bryncomeaux says:

    roof tiles

  • killbucket1 says:

    Seems to be high value-added to make the logs. How does this compare in price with alternatives?

  • AGWStudios says:

    Haha…I thought the same thing…very, very amatuer audio…the plosives, lisp, and poor annunciation makes this video unbearable…

  • s37d says:

    this is really a great thing youve done here

  • makeiteasyable says:

    i never thought it could be more useful

  • crimsonshadows1 says:

    whats with the lisp and not even pronouncing other letters completely?

  • atomrocketcar says:

    people already build house out of tires, its called earthship

  • MarkSentMe says:

    Pretty cool. I could use a wall along the riverbank behind my house made of tire logs. It probably would not get washed away like plain tires.

  • KarasCyborg says:

    What does it cost per foot?

  • usantfarm says:

    hey, how about tire tred shakes and shingles? How is the tire log building holding up? Are you in need of “out of the box” thinking employees. I have 20+ years of construction experience, even built log homes for a time (in a different world). I’m all for turning trash into treasure:)

  • henrylopez62 says:

    is very creative solutions for to many things CONGRATULATIONS i liked a lot ! ! !

  • WindEnergy7 says:

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