How to choose a natural building material (i.e. cob or straw or a mix)

You may find cob cottages particularly cute, but taste isn’t reason enough to choose one natural building material over another. Like more manufactured produ…

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  • sujaysukumar123 says:

    One problem seems to be bother me – Insects. Ants, Termites, etc etc will thrive in nooks and crannies.

  • Støre Nordgård says:

    Thanks Kirsten…will make a move towards them!! Have a great june!!!

  • kirstendirksen says:

    You could try Michael’s books for written advice. Google “Michael G. Smith” or try “The Hand-Sculpted House”. You could also try to contact the Cob Cottage Company for help with particular issues.

  • Støre Nordgård says:

    This is awesome. Where can i learn to do this? I am a Norwegian Viking which lives in Malaysia. To initiate something like this over there would really rock La Fargè (Concrete production) . If anyone has inputs on this..pls mail me !! Lets change the world!! 🙂

  • DaMojoFish says:

    At 2:37 theres a Bong.

  • zenloki024 says:

    moisten your soil samples, squeeze them out of your hand and the one that forms ribbons has a high percentage of clay.

  • goforgreenliving says:

    Is there a expert close to me I wanted to invite one to my house building party June 21-23 for cobbing?

  • lifeisgood12341 says:

    Cub is a lot of work but it looks worth it

  • John Weber says:

    Great quote. “[The] Clay is sort of a universal adhesive that connects everything else together.” 6:06

  • Gavin King says:

    How do I tell the difference between clay and regular dirt?

  • Kiran Arya says:

    I am planning to build the entire village of sustainable material in around 30 Acre land in India; any referral, website, books will be much appreciated; you can please email me at

  • J. Farquharson says:

    yes. google taos pueblo new mexico,continually occupied for over a 1,000 years. you just need good drainage,and a good roof.

  • michigangirl atheart says:

    Would these structures withstand a snowy climate? Or would snow cause them to deteriorate?

  • jwsoup says:

    It seems that most of this type of building is happening on the west coast, are there any workshops in central GA?I would love to learn more about designing and building a home.


  • Dig Woods says:

    lovely sharing,we are looking to build a hybrid structure and your video is a marvelous font of generosity.Thankyou

  • frokkelprokkel says:

    Are these style of houses only possible in warmer climates?
    Or would it also work in more wet climates like England?

  • thekidcmoney says:


  • WindwardCenter says:

    Thank you for the excellent, compact comparison of these different techniques. It will help me go to my community and show them how a building does not need to be uniform in its construction techniques. Particularly since we are already looking for a pole-barn load bearing structure.

    Again, thanks!
    Windward Community

  • juggernaut187 says:

    anybody know where I can get more info on the clay and wattle method discussed here?

  • arshdeep125 says:

    I can’t help but every time Michael speaks, I keep clearing my throat. Sorry T.T

    Love the house though!!

  • marcuspinson says:

    make a 3 story house from cobb

  • Oleksandr Chuyko says:

    I live in SWFL and working for a local Builder here. Want to learn Building Construction business and naturally want to change human’s lifestyle to more naturelike. I wish to learn from Michael G. Smith or someone like him how to build efficiently from earth products. I know building from earthproducts will give you so much benefits as comfort and health benefits.
    Guys any ideas where here in Florida I can find someone like that?
    Thank you Kirstendirksen for the upload.

  • la cuccaracha says:

    he reminds me of the lawyer of the boy in My Cousin Vinny(the movie)

  • ramjam25 says:

    how about Brazil?

  • MRSketch09 says:

    I was curious about that as well.

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