How to create your own software pt 1 : Getting started

Have you ever wanted to make your own Home made software? Well now you can, and heres how! Thanks for watchi… – CLICK THE LINK t0 get the free mass gaining template that I mention in the video now! Elliott teache…
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  • vEchozZMinecraft says:

    Hey I want a software to be able to chat to other computers with an Ethernet switch. Basically I want a window with all the computers listed with online/offline. If they are online I want to be able to say something to them. Like a group chat in Skype.
    Any recommendations?

  • matthew vallance says:


  • matthew vallance says:

    you have to be logged in

  • matthew vallance says:

    vista i think

  • TheBandit7200 says:

    Does it have to be 2008

  • MrMattyboy999 says:

    How do you make google black

  • Dragan Pogrmic says:

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  • John King says:

    So, technically, Visual Basic is free since you said that registration is free. Am I right?

  • avatarjaroaang says:


  • Omar Hegazy says:

    What’s your Xfire? Mine is kingtylb2001

  • MRspam70 says:

    to hard 4 me XD

  • SpaceCake340 says:

    where can i find all the coding codes?

  • 97masterskater says:

    it depends on what program your using, but in the end all the programs do the same thing there just written differently. so it can be which ever one you want

  • Ricky Wei says:

    hai, i’m a beginner for the coding… what kind of books are i need to use for all the coding?

  • bojan4110 says:


  • TDSm0ke says:

    Are you running XP or Vista?

  • HowToPaulaFakaosi says:

    updated version on my channel

  • Jeremy nesbitt says:

    i know how to make a jailbreak program 😀

  • Jeremy nesbitt says:

    Thx 😀 but can i word for brandonsoft

  • Irfan Yusuf says:

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  • Rozik Shahi says:


  • TheSeriousGuy609 says:

    Help! I don’t know how to report a bug!

  • Leonard White says:

    2010 works great

  • CheatsForGame says:

    Dude Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express the best one 😛

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  • DownToTheOcean says:

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  • TheM4LAKA says:

    Does anybody know how to get the template? The link is broken

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  • HowseBraddon says:

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  • emmaxemma22 says:

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  • Dwain9695 says:

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  • hagisays says:

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  • anybodyhomemcfly says:

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  • ksharapani says:

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  • Riza Bagja says:

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  • Matias Muckalvovic says:

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  • Terry Tibbs says:

    Anyone know if skinny Elliot made another vid later showing his gainzzzzz?

  • idiotlad2 says:

    Slap your dog around….

  • ImDrizzt says:

    Hmm, I kinda feel I didn’t say much lol.

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    Oh well, love you, yay

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