How to Estimate Building Materials for Home Construction How to Estimate Building Materials for Home Construction When you’re thinking about building a new home, cost is a majo…
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Skyrim Hearthfire DLC - How To Build a House and Find Building Materials

Find our full text guide on GameFront.Com: Where to find common materials: Iron Ingots: 01:06 Quarried Stone: 01:20 Clay: 01:3…

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  • PennyBlackBV2 says:

    Not impossible? It is a fucking house, pretty sure the job is more than plausible.

  • Aadbuild says:

    There is a lot to building a home to completion and these notes touch the surface of what is involved. I recommend getting a set of drawing done. to start it does not have to be detailed. There is a lot of software available to draw simple line drawing without having to do a degree. Call a local builder or tradesman and ask plenty of questions. It is a big task but not impossible.

  • David Larpenteur says:

    Your website comes up as a virus with Avast. You may want to fix this if your website is legit.
    These are some good pointers.

  • TheHyugafan says:

    Your spelling is fucking horrid. I can understand if it isnt your first language but if it is then spend more time at school and less time on Skyrim and YouTube

  • jeffrey bateham says:

    thnx..very informitive….grately appreciated……..

  • shintahishiruko says:

    thanks a lot i needed to know about the wood and other stuff. very usuful indeed

  • spamhonx56 says:

    i now have this DLC, and i was just trying to find out what the finished thing would look like, and now that i know, i cannt help but feel that the creation kit is a far better way to make a house… simply because this DLC makes the house you build fill with the same clutter that you’d see in other houses in the game. i am the dragonborn, i don’t want my house to be like everyone else’s!

  • Ronnie76Games says:

    Or get the Unoficial DLC pack off of Skyrimnexus

  • EVILGAMERZz says:

    u buy it

  • roachthereaper says:

    Is their any other way then buy straw glass and goat horn

  • Kewin Olsson says:

    how to get this DLC pack?

  • Shaolin Williams says:

    awesome info. following all videos thru the house building. just got all DLC today. its going down

  • estocv20 says:

    Go to hod in riverwood, he’ll sell you some.

  • AlexMjau009 says:

    🙁 I cant buy lumber mill cus i killed the owners. Stupid vampires.

  • ben hanson says:

    ty bro

  • marcusking497 says:

    Ware can i get syraw cos i killed the ones in white run but not in dragon search

  • Jospeh Martinez says:

    this helped me find the glass thank u man

  • jay walk says:

    i like how the likes are 666

  • bgypsy1 says:

    fast, concise, some nice hints ty

  • ken roman says:

    thank man had a hard time finding stuff for building

  • Raul Gutierrez says:

    thank u broh.

  • Гутчов Гнидище says:

    Well, thanks. Really helpful. Smart talking)

  • Defender98TV says:

    so? i have nothing against homos, but do we really care?

  • TheAdvakit says:

    Thanks man 🙂 very helpful video

  • bigT tmoney says:

    anybody can tell me if it is possible to combine all the skyrim dlcs and play one good fun game

  • mattzilla20011 says:

    yeah it is cause sometimes you got to pick between stuff!

  • Leroy Maes says:

    Another well-made video guide

  • MerhabaAbi1 says:

    thanks for making this vid man thumbs up

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