Kerbal Space Program – Advanced Rocket Design Tutorial

I figured it was well overdue that I put together a more detailed rocket building guide that covers how to maximise your rocket’s performance. Using the Kerb…
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  • Al Paca says:

    The best way to end up in space with the most Dv is to launch in 2 phases.
    The first phase carries a full orange fuel tank into orbit, the second
    phase carries a tour vessel with an empty orange and a couple of nuclear
    engines it then docks with phase 1 and then refuels, if you use a vessel
    with nuclear engines you can easily end up with 7 or 8 km of dv after you
    achieve orbit, easily enough for a grand tour, but only if you dont intend
    to land on any planets and are very patient with your burns. There is also
    the jet powered boosters option which can add a couple of km/s onto any
    launch vehicle, but if you’re a cost conscious player or have a limited
    part count then this might be too resource expensive ­čÖé ´╗┐

  • Chaos8282 says:

    After watching about 40% of your videos on KSP Scott, I’ve came to the
    conclusion that you are the best out there. I couldn’t have made it as far
    as I have without your assistance sir! Thanks from your new subscriber :)´╗┐

  • moepskie says:

    Thanks. I became like 200% better at the game after only watching 2 or 3 of
    your videos.´╗┐

  • Jere Ruotsalainen says:

    Are you really astrophyscisist? Srry for bad english and MERRY CRISTHMAS

  • William Irwin says:

    At aprox 20:00, you have your fuel lines having to force the fuel against
    gravity and thrust up to the central stations… Wouldn’t it be more
    efficient to have the outer tank feeds feeding down from the bottom of the
    tank closer to the inner thrusters using gravity and thrust to empty the
    outer tanks, reducing weight because of no need for pumps, and increasing
    velocity max…´╗┐

  • EpicG-Mod Realm says:

    How do i clone parts in vehicle assembly?´╗┐

  • markman090 says:

    Thank you so much´╗┐

  • Pieter Vogt says:

    its funny how you mess with the rocket in the end and telling us to fly
    safe :)´╗┐

  • Evan Kern says:

    how did you get so good at this game?´╗┐

  • NiksmanBoy says:

    How is your weight limit so high?´╗┐

  • Owen Wilson says:

    heh “Strapon Boosters” – Scott Manley ,2014´╗┐

  • Lucas Casas says:

    This video sucks I only want to know how to build!´╗┐

  • roden81 says:

    How do you record video on KSP??´╗┐

  • leerman22 says:

    The Falcon 9 doesn’t do fuel cross-feed yet. The Falcon heavy will though.´╗┐

  • Robert Skeehan says:

    On the ion engine:
    “It’s enough to lift a Kerbin”
    WOW, that’s pretty strong. hahaha´╗┐

  • Trenten Riley says:

    From the future career mode will be out in 24.2

  • Matt Moyer says:

    A remake of this for the newer version would be nice.´╗┐

  • MrHogzor says:

    FOR THE LOVE OF KERMANS… Take those annoying parts off you dont use and
    put them back in the selection meny instead of have them transperently
    hovering around…. ITS SOOOO FRIGGGGIIINNN”” ANNOYING!!!´╗┐

  • John C says:

    “About as good as intestinal gas.”
    Brings a new meaning burning into orbit..´╗┐

  • James Stanton says:

    I actually made an app to calculate Delta-V, it’s minimalistic being my
    final project for school and I fully intend on adding more features to it
    (currently there is only the ability to calculate single engine types and
    multiple engine types) such as rocket designs with different uses, or
    calculating the DV cost of a certain mission so on and so forth anyway I
    had a point to writing this but I kinda lost it so I’m just going to wrap
    this up by saying if you want an app with all these capabilities on the
    android market just leave a comment (although I’m guessing if you wanted it
    you were going to anyway..) and note I say android market because the
    software I’m using is only compatable with androids.

    At any rate just wanted to leave this shameless self promotion haha´╗┐

  • Prometheus4096 says:

    It would be funny if in the future actual rocket designs are named after
    things invented in KSP, like asparagus.´╗┐

  • Lightning says:

    stop talking dumbass´╗┐

  • AsboJunior says:

    It’s really cool how KSP actually supports and welcomes mods. Not many
    games like that out there´╗┐

  • adam brahimi says:

    You’re very good at maths, physics, and mechanics´╗┐

  • Adrian Dale says:

    This guy knows his stuff but why does he have to p**s about so much? Get
    to the point Scott. Don’t need to watch broken rockets flying around. It
    helps no one. Otherwise, thanks for the knowledge. Generally pretty good
    stuff when you get to the point.´╗┐

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