Major Hauls And Tons Of Free Building Materials For My Tiny Home

Tuesday I got a ton of free materials for building my tiny house on wheels. It was a busy day hauling free stuff home for my construction. I picked up two lo…

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  • Terry Teague says:

    troy when you say you aren’t comfy framing walls and then state that you
    are going to build window casements, you have no idea how funny that is.
    i’ll swap you a sign for a set of the coasters, hand done of course, i’ll
    even film the process. what say?

  • Dave Grohl says:

    The coaster needs a proper vapor barrier otherwise you will have
    condensation and eventually black mold

  • dancingpennies says:

    Beautiful windows, IMO. The latch and “knob” on the door should be of
    value to someone, if in good shape. That type is so much easier on
    arthritic hands.

    So, you didn’t get the boat in case of flooding? ;)

  • MollyDolly says:

    OH NO YOU DID NOT JUST DO THAT!!!!! Did I ever tell you that you are
    such a PUNK!

  • RadicalRC says:

    In order to close it up from rain, it’s not just wall studs. You’ll need
    to build the walls roof and sheet the structure all at once. You’ll need
    your windows in frames in order to frame them in. The framer will need to
    know the exterior dimensions of all windows and doors in order to build the
    headers in.

  • Exhortation says:

    I’ve framed structures that size myself in a week. There isn’t much to it.

  • crawdadb52 says:

    Oh come on Troy we all know you have those Coasters under the tarp and they
    were all made in China so you can sell them to your Goonies as you command
    us so well! Save the boat, you may need it with all the rain! lol.
    USSR for Rice!

  • jksatte says:

    I am sure you have thought of this but search online for free or recycled
    items. Anyone that is remodeling would love to recycle their stuff if you
    make it easy for them. Just look there are many options out there. Janice

  • brooks potts says:

    Awesome job! The coasters are so cool! How much will you be charging for 1

  • Beth DeRoos says:

    Being tiny house mode the one thing I avoid is bring more stuff in. And
    yes, one has to be careful about becoming a hoarder even if tiny house, off
    grid living.

    Most, not all, tiny house folks seek the lifestyle because we want less
    stuff. And most, not all tiny house people dislike clutter and untidy

    Am concerned that Troy’s eyes are bigger than his stomach when it comes to
    projects. The place gets cleaned up for a few days and then is back
    looking like a junk yard.

    And windows and doors need to be 100% protected from rain, wind, and
    anything that can fall on them and damage them. Not in a week but the same
    day one gets them.

  • sim6699 says:

    Troy have you thought about placing your tiny home in amongst the trees? It
    give your home some protection from the weather.

  • Tim Fuller says:

    I am saddened things are on hold because of money, but money is always the
    issue. I hope and pray to imaginary Jeebus that boat you showed us is not
    a prop in some religious scam where you’re simultaneously running parallel
    videos about seeing yourself as the second coming of Noah! It’s not big
    enough to save the ground squirrels and chickens, let alone Baby Cat. You
    have to laugh Troy. You have to laugh. Enjoy.

  • Dennis Lindell says:

    The table is fine by me. It’s everything else that’s disconcerting:)

  • massis32210 says:

    ok i want a coaster, the tiny house will cost max of 10,000 not 20,000.00
    and why not use prefab cabnets, they cost like 20.00 bucks at homedepot .
    50.00 max. The will you about 200.00 for the kitchen..

  • Lynn Morrow says:

    Does your pro. carpenter post in here? If so it would be nice to know who
    it is , so we can read their comments.

  • equallywrong says:

    your taking on so many projects. please complete one troy. i don’t care
    which one just complete something and say its done. i’m very interest in
    the OGP but I’M left feeling incomplete with so many projects opened and
    just sitting. for example, break down the pallet wood since you have all
    your pallets now.

  • pangeria12 says:

    what u going to use for cooking stove in a the tiny house you going to do.

  • lee986321 says:

    troy, the tables not crooked, your camera is off angle..can you correct it
    please? 《snickering》

  • Ebacherville says:

    On the glass just cut the frames down, keep them in the original frames and
    use them that way.. way easier and that old stuff has nice quality frames
    already. refinish them and your good to go.

  • dictare says:

    When you cut up that fiberglass boat, you might find a use for strips such
    as shingles for a small building, chicken coup etc. I cut up a 21 footer
    and just bundled the strips and put them out with the regular trash. Went
    through a lot of sawzall blades.

  • John King says:

    Instead of selling boat trailers(Which are a dime a dozen) to raise money,
    maybe you should get a paying job.

  • Daves Camping says:

    tiny home kitchen-just an idea…… yankee workshop with norm abram
    videos on youtube to help you build your bespoked handbuild kitchen or just
    ideas that may help you.ATB,Dave

  • Captain Carl Wright says:

    You can build a kitchen for actually very little, or no cost at all.. You
    can find someone doing a kitchen remodel and get very nice cabinets for
    free most of the time. You can also purchase cabinets from Lowes and Home
    Depot that have some damage for a good price. I’ve done this many times. I
    can get boat trailers all day long for $50 to $150. Cutting up a fiberglass
    boat is a real chore good luck with that.Over all I like what your
    attempting to do.

  • Myke Dave says:

    I don’t see the positives here. I’m a straight shooter- not a troll. I
    speak my mind.
    You were going to have your walls up when you got paid. Didn’t happen.
    Then, going to get your wood when you finished clearing that guys junk off
    his property, now it’s next week that he’ll keep his end of the bargain.
    Then, you couldn’t do it anyway because it’s been raining. Then, it doesn’t
    matter because a pro is going to do it for you in 2 weeks. Sorry, I don’t
    see the positives, people. I see a cold wet Troy in a couple of months.

  • Tracy James Tavares says:

    Beware condensation under tarp , throw a couple of saw horse under tarp (
    Teepee effect ) n stop the puddels onboard . Here on Y.T. look for ” Solar
    boat ” , throw 1 in yr pond ?

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