Maxi Cosi Pria 70 Convertible Car Seat, Total Black

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  • Dane Woodward says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Pleased with my decision, March 6, 2013
    Dane Woodward

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    UPDATE: After a year and a half of use, we still love this seat! My daughter is a tall 2.5 year old, and still fits very comfortably in it rear facing. She is completely content and comfortable, and loves her seat. She sleeps great in it, which is huge for me since I hear of so many people whose kids won’t sleep in their car seats because they are too uncomfortable. I really can’t say enough good things about it, and would buy it again in a heartbeat!!

    Original Post: After MUCH deliberation (and 10+hrs of research), I decided to go with this car seat over a Britax for my 12 month old. The main selling point for me was the comfort. Overall, I am pleased with my decision. Here’s why:

    SUPER comfortable for my baby. I wish I had one of these to ride in! It is so cushy, and she sleeps great in it. It also reclines enough to be comfortable for her to sleep in (which I know is a big problem with other seats).

    Even in the rear-facing, most reclined position it takes up LESS room front to back than our Graco snug-ride infant car seat did. I was amazed, because it looks so bulky, but we were actually able to push the front passenger seat back a little! With a small car, this is a huge plus.

    It has awesome safety ratings, is tested rigorously, is very sturdy, and I feel reassured that she is very safe in her seat.

    Because of the way it is designed, she can ride rear facing for a long time, which is SO much safer for little ones. She is very tall, but I will still keep her rear facing past age 2.

    The cup holder! Although it is a minor detail, it makes a HUGE difference. On a Britax you have to buy the cup holder separately, and it has very mixed reviews.

    Other features, such as a storage pouch in the seat for the instruction manual, and a storage place for every belt and anchor when it is not in use, are big bonuses. This seat was very well thought out and effectively designed.

    Since it is a fairly new product, the instruction manual has lots of typos and errors. It is a pretty user friendly, easy to follow manual, but it has some big mistakes in it and confusing parts that actually caused us MAJOR headache. The seat sat in our living room for 3 days because we couldn’t figure out how to get the LATCH belt out of the forward facing position and into the rear facing position. After my husband and I both spending hours trying to figure it out, spending over an hour on the phone with a representative who had NO idea what she was talking about (and was actually giving me incorrect instructions), writing a frustrated email, and sending them pictures of the problem, we finally got it resolved. It ended up being a very simple fix, and in the end we had a very kind, helpful costumer service rep go above and beyond to make sure we had it fixed. So, despite the frustrations, I ended up being VERY happy with the company and their service. I have now moved the belt back and forth multiple times, and it is very simple.

    It is a little tricky to install. There were a few minutes when I thought I would have to return the seat because I couldn’t get it tight enough. However, after making sure it was at the proper recline position, and tightening the LATCH belt as much as I could, I am happy with the results. It just takes a little practice to get it right.

    It is really bulky side to side, and quite tall. This can be a good thing because my daughter sits so high she can see out the window, but it makes it difficult to get her in the car, into the seat, and buckled up. There is hardly any room between the sides of the seat, the door, and the ceiling. We have to kind of twist her and squeeze her in, and half the time my husband bonks her head on the door because it is so tight. It is also hard to get used to buckling quickly when you can’t fit both of your arms in very well. At first it was very difficult and frustrating, but once you get used to it it’s not too bad. It really did take us about a month to get used to putting her in the seat and buckled up, but now that we’ve had practice we are much faster at it.

    Biggest CON: Since the seat cover is so thick and cushy, it is very hard to clean. The instructions say to hand wash it and line dry, but I have to admit I don’t think I will ever do that again. My daughter threw up all over it (so spot cleaning wasn’t an option), and I spent over an hour trying to wash it. My hands ached afterwards from all the ringing since the material is so absorbent. It took over a day to completely dry. I have since (after another throw up incident) put the cover in my machine on a delicate cycle, then line dried, and I had excellent results. I know it isn’t recommended, but I’m just going to cross my fingers that it is ok. It’s SO MUCH EASIER.
    Overall, the pro’s outweigh the con’s in our book, and we have ended up being very happy with the seat! Good luck in…

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  • sara79 says:
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    Best choice for comfort and hot climates, June 25, 2013

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This seat is very comfortable and keeps considerably cool compared to the Britax Chaperone (Red) that we used before. We live in the tropics and we had to wait a considerable time for the air conditioning to cool down the car before we could put the baby in the Britax and even then she’d still end up sweating.

    I chose the Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 over the Britax Advocate and the Diono RXT mainly because I wanted to ensure my little one was as comfortable and cool as possible so we could keep her rear-facing longer. I think I made the right choice. Here are some of the factors I considered as well as some things I know now that I have the seat:

    HEAT – If keeping your baby cool is a major consideration then the fabric colour is the major factor. That’s why I went with this lighter colour – Steel Grey. The downside is it has the potential to look worn quickly. And this colour doesn’t pop out at you and say “brand new”. The Maxi-Cosi has some pretty cool colour options but this and probably the tan are the only light colour options. Btw – this seat really does stay very cool!

    SAFETY – If safety is your only consideration then I’d choose the Britax Advocate. (All car seats that pass NHTSA Tests are fine. But who wants just fine for their baby? Just remember the most important thing is installing it and strapping the kid in properly)

    COMFORT – The fabric they use on the Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 is really well padded and soft. And if the seating on the Britax Advocate is made of same material as that on the Chaperone then it’s not that comfortable and kind of rough to the touch. So Pria wins here by a landslide.

    WIDTH – If you have to fit 3 car seats in the back seat (or 2 car seats and an adult) and you have either a car or a small SUV then you should consider a Diono. They’re ugly, in my opinion, but when my family expands please God I will most likely be buying one for the eldest child when she outgrows the Maxi-Cosi.

    HEIGHT – The Maxi-Cosi is currently rear-facing and in the third recline position in order for the relevant line to be level with the floor. This is most likely because of the way the back seat of the car (Kia Sportage) is inclined. This is really advantageous for us as this seat is pretty tall and has the potential to block the view out the rear-view mirror. But in the 3rd recline position it’s even shorter than the Britax Chaperone. Note here though that the Britax Chaperone had a couple of level instruments. So I spent over 15mins looking for the level on the Maxi-Cosi. Imagine my surprise when I realized that all they had was a line marked out on the frame itself. My husband and I laughed hysterically at the lack of basic technology and joked about sending the seat back. But I realized it’s really only necessary to differentiate between which one of the three different recline positions is the best suited for your particular vehicle. So sophistication isn’t really necessary. I think it’s straight/level enough not to need a towel/noodle. Besides I wouldn’t like to know the safety of my child depended on a rolled up towel/noodle.

    COST – The Diono RXT wins here because it has a higher weight limit. But I still recommend using an infant car seat at minimum for a newborn cause it fits them better. Did I mention that the Diono is ugly? Lol! But it’s a great option.

    TOXICITY – All I’m going to say here is do your research as this may change with time as companies upgrade. From what I understand this is more an issue when the seat gets really hot. Hotter than normal operating conditions. However since I do live in a hot climate and there is the potential for the car seat to get hot this is also a consideration for me.

    FIT OF HARNESS ON CHILD – Tightening the straps is not as easy as on Britax Chaperone. And although there is a nice padded protector below the buckle, it’s not big enough to protect against chaffing/rubbing from the connectors that snap into the buckle. Stupid! Additionally the buckle doesn’t fall forward automatically like on the Diono. (The Britax Advocate may have this feature as well. The Chaperone didn’t.) So the Maxi-Cosi loses here! But my child does not seem uncomfortable at all. And so far no signs of irritation/chaffing.

    This was a really tough decision for me. If heat and size are not major considerations for you then the Britax Advocate is the best choice. (According to Consumers’ Reports Britax has 5 of the 7 top convertible car seats)


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  • J. Dudzick "Husband of 1, Father of 1, audio ... says:
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    Game-changer. Buy this seat., October 14, 2013
    J. Dudzick “Husband of 1, Father of 1, audio … (Portland, PA) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This. Seat. Changed our lives. We have an 8 month old boy, sweet as can be but HATES going to sleep and doesn’t stay that way for long. He’s under the impression that our lives are so interesting that he’s going to miss something if he naps longer than a half hour. He ONLY goes to sleep with help, by feeding or motion. For the past 2-3 months he has hated getting in the car. Road trips are a nightmare. Technically he still has many pounds to go before outgrowing his Graco Snugride 35 which has been great except for sleeping in the car, so we didn’t consider a convertible until we read a couple of blogs and reviews that really spoke to us.

    Enter the Pria 70. This thing is like a Cadillac of baby support and transport, and we don’t even care about having the nicest things but man what a treat this is. Our little guy is clearly more comfortable now, with plenty of room to keep growing. The fabric is not irritating at all, and the side pillows up by the head are so great for keeping his head up when he falls asleep. And he does. Fall. Asleep. Like magic it worked right away. He looks so comfortable now during naps, reclined just right and head in a healthy position.

    Two minor complaints. 1) The strap pads are really nice for not digging into his neck, which had been an issue, but they seem too squishy to give me a good read on how tight the straps are for safety. 2) The straps can be difficult to tighten. There’s too much friction somewhere. I’ve found that reaching around to the back of the seat and pulling them taught first, and repeatedly, helps immensely.

    Very comfortable (adults are missing out on not having one our size), easy to install, east to use on a daily basis.

    I’d recommend this to anyone, it greatly improved our quality of life.


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