Misty Mountain Drop [HD] Reviews

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3 Responses to Misty Mountain Drop [HD] Reviews

  • Liam_Fan says:
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    2.0 out of 5 stars
    I liked this show better with Dave., January 26, 2013

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    There was something that made the first two seasons excellent that I am just not getting from season three and this new character, Teti. As a military veteran, I am aware of the excellent training and skills you can learn in just 4.5 years, so I bet you could learn a lot from 20 years. However, I do not believe the skills I earned or that of Teti are going to be sufficient enough to be considered a wilderness survival expert. Honestly, if I want to learn to survive in a non-combat environment, I am not going to go to a military veteran. A couple years in any terrain is not enough to consider yourself an expert.

    If I want to learn how to survive in the Midwest, I will go to the Pathfinder School (by Dave), for the South I would go to Equip to Endure, for the desert I would certainly go to Cody’s school. All of these survival schools have trained instructors who have lived these scenarios for many years and are in fact, typically the people that train the military to survive in these areas. I think there are a vast number of wilderness experts to choose from, so why this guy?

    Dave worked for the audience because he was more than just a military veteran. Dave was a hunter, trapper, and lives on the land he has made to be sustainable for him and his family, just check out all his Youtube videos. Dave lived his skills for a very long time, just as Cody did. I am sorry, but Teti just doesn’t compare to the many people out there that have true survival/sustainable living skills that the audience can adapt to their particular survival situation. Teti served the military for twenty years; he lived the military/government combat lifestyle for twenty years, he did not live survival/sustainability for twenty years. His knowledge is most definitely limited compared to the many experts out there.

    As a veteran, I have all the respect in the world for Teti, but I know how the military trains people and I know that I would prefer learning from the person that trains the soldier. Unless you are living those skills and using them consistently, then you are going to spend most of your time forgetting what you were taught.

    I just believe there were better options (wilderness survival experts) to choose from.

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  • AJ Saylor says:
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    1.0 out of 5 stars
    Joe argues for arguments’ sake, February 1, 2013
    AJ Saylor

    The show used to have a lot of really great knowledge, but it’s degenerating into some kind of teenage drama. I know that Dave lied and I don’t agree with what he did, but he contributed a lot more to the show and teaching us survival than Joe does. Joe wants to do what he wants to do when he wants to do it, and it’s starting to just get boring.

    When there was a disagreement between Dave and Cody, you got the feeling it was because while they had different viewpoints, they still really just wanted to help each other make it out of the situation alive and unharmed. When Joe and Cody disagree, it feels like it’s just because Joe HAS to be right and Cody should just submit. I’m glad that Cody doesn’t, but time that used to be devoted to explaining survival skills seems to have been diverted into second rate drama… for what purpose I don’t know.

    This might be a bit of a spoiler, so stop here if you haven’t seen all the episodes. I’m just going to give an example of an argument between the two men that had absolutely no purpose at all. In one episode, Joe wants to skin the hide off a week old cow carcass. Cody doesn’t think it’s a good idea, and there’s a good reason for that – vomiting up your stomach contents is a bad idea when water is scarce. Joe decides to skin the cow anyway, and we get to watch him retch for a good five minutes of episode. Eventually he gets the skin off and he does it without vomiting, but that’s the last we hear about it. That five minutes of retching would have been worthwhile if he had shown us something useful to do with the hide, but fifteen minutes later they came upon their rescue. So instead of learning a useful survival skill, I got to see a guy nearly vomit.

    Don’t get me started on the “psychological edge” swishing urine around in his mouth supposedly gave him. I’ve honestly never see anything more ridiculous than that.

    It’s still a good show because Cody is truly masterful in his situational awareness and adaptability, but don’t go into this season expecting to learn like we learned when Dave was the hunter. Joe is a military killing machine, and it shows. Dave was a wilderness man, and you’ll be able to tell the difference.

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  • Gary says:
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    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Good, but Dave made it better., March 5, 2013
    Gary (Belleville, MI, United States) –

    I care less that Dave fudged a bit on his military experience to Discovery Channel. No one can doubt he had more actual survival skill than Cody and Joe put together. While Cody foraged for insects, Dave was bringing home the meat. He’s an excellent hunter, trapper, and all around survival expert. How many guys could catch and kill a beaver with an old oar? Or make his own arrow head from a glass bottle and nab a turkey? Dave should have his own show. The new season is good enough to watch, but not nearly as good without Dave.

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