RC dozer ACTION! Nice R/C construction machines at work!

RC dozers at work at the construction site. Filmed at http://stonebreaker-area.de. Enjoy watching! Thanks a lot for sharing, commenting, subscribing and thumbs up.

Working Models of Medieval Construction Machines. Please, share and subscribe to watch monthly Video Website: http://www.veproject1.org/index.htm.
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17 Responses to RC dozer ACTION! Nice R/C construction machines at work!

  • Bevan Jones says:

    The horse wheel. The horses should be attached to the small wheel to get
    the increase in force. 

  • Charles Champlin says:

    Absolutely the best wood working job I have seen in a long time. To take
    sketches and to scale them down and accurately place the dowels as gear
    teeth. Did you do this by hand or did you use CNC to drill holes for the
    gear teeth holes?
    Any you look at this project it is a fantastic look at history and it is
    proof that there are still craftsman out there.

  • Marble Legends-Masters of Marble Arena Play says:

    Well…dumb is me for missing this video playlist, right? Very excellent !

  • flance911 says:

    1:20 How it works?

  • overunitydotcom says:

    Well done, now we know how our anchestors build the big palasts without
    electrical power…

  • Jorge PAREDES MENDIA says:

    no words. I could not find words to express my admiration. I am from

  • jeanious2009 says:

    Sure wish I could of been there next to the genius himself (DiVinci) and
    others to witness history in the making. Man that would of been amazing, to
    see him draw the Mona Lisa.

  • jazzopedia says:

    I have experience pulling stumps with a tractor, chain, and automobile
    wheel rim. We place the chain over the wheel rim next to the stump so that
    the stump is pulled UP out of the ground instead of across. I believe your
    machine models may be accurate but your demonstration of the stump puller
    is incorrect. Still, a very informative and interesting post. Thanks.

  • Marcelo Schiavon says:

    could you please tell the name of the opera?

  • Павел Чуркин says:

    Da Vinci! For twenty-first century – look into new opportunities

  • Sootikins says:

    Stump puller wheel increases horsepower by factor of 8? Actually I believe
    that it increases torque by a factor of 8, while reducing rate
    proportionally, thus horsepower remains constant. Same as gearing down a
    motor 8:1 – “stronger, but slower”.

  • Marcelo Schiavon says:

    Yeah sorry must have been another video. I double checked the da Vinci
    video but that’s not it. My bad

  • veproject1 says:

    Thank you

  • Вадим Наливкин says:

    How can I buy a real working model abog@imail.ru

  • Serguei Krasnov says:


  • SuperLuminousTV says:

    Amazing really love all your videos I can’t stop watching them.

  • veproject1 says:

    Do you mean da Vinci Video?

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