RE Store: A Second Life for Building Materials

Peak Moment #32: Tour a fascinating used building materials store with retail store manager Nate Moore and building deconstruction manager Erin Marden. It’s …
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Salvage/Recycling Building Materials

I need to reclad my building that has Masonite siding. It is long past the time frame that masonite is meant to last. So I will cover it with galvanized tin….

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  • peakmoment says:

    On tiny Orcas island, such a project was started by one man. The
    municipality lent the land for the Exchange. It only takes a few people to
    do the good things our planet needs. Perhaps you could start, with just a
    few friends?

  • peakmoment says:

    This was started and is run by a non-profit environmental group–not the
    government. It could be run as a cooperative or as a business, like Urban
    Ore in Berkeley. In America, Habitat for Humanity operates many similar
    places. So I think it can happen wherever businesses can operate. Perhaps
    start a small version with a few friends, and see how it goes.

  • trach83 says:

    Great idea, i just love it! I wish to participate in such a program in my
    country – Poland. But i`m not sure if we got such an organization here.
    Cheers to all people who support it!

  • bearsagainstevil says:

    great video and a great idea we need something like this in the united

  • tigerenterprise says:

    I have set up the first Building Material Reuse Centre ( BMRC ) in the UK
    check out my Video. More info google Tiger Enterprise Ltd.

  • cbhoodrider says:

    I’ve been to the RE-Building center in portland, it is amazing. I’m glad we
    have such a place…

  • livelylife says:

    Every city needs something like this. There is way too much great usable
    things going to waste in the hole or to fire power generators that has
    plenty of life left in it. Trash is in the eye of the beholder. I am glad
    these folks are looking at things differently.

  • peakmoment says:

    Portland, Oregon also has a huge Re-Building Store. And on tiny Orcas
    Island they have an Exchange, which is like a thrift shop plus re-building
    materials store. Maybe you can help get such a thing going! — Janaia

  • houseoffire72 says:

    Lol I have a use for all that stuff…:)

  • saltyshellback says:

    Good old “Vicious Cycle” with that aluminum sheeting. Story of my Navy
    life as an aircraft mechanic…lol

  • oldchevy4x4 says:

    Excellent way to re-purpose material.
    Well, I guess it’s not re-purposing, more like re-using. Nothing wrong
    with that either!

  • HalfQ says:

    Handy having them sheets there. We call them corrugated iron. Good stuff,
    just a bit noisy in the rain :)

  • fatpius says:

    I’m a scavenger as well, but you are the king! 

  • wyattoneable says:

    That’s a great find using materials that are available. I’m building a shop
    and would love to find some old barn lumber for the interior.

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