Selling And Trading For Materials And Cash To Build My Tiny House

I finally sold the heavy equipment trailer and my fridge. I got cash plus some building supplies for my tiny house on wheels. And now I can afford to frame i…

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  • William Todd says:

    Troy, how long do you think it will take you to really get your tiny home
    done once you get started in the framing? If I remember correctly you
    mentioned a while back that you had a friend coming over that was going to
    be helping you with the framing aspect of your home. Can’t wait to see
    video on that. 

  • RadicalRC says:

    Did your customer take the boat or leave you with it?

  • 88s10Durango says:

    ???? So why don`t you use the fridge in the survival camper for now ? I
    have asked in many different video`s and you will not reply why ???

  • Ken Ichikawa says:

    The silver barrier material works very well. I just did my van and it made
    a world of difference to sound and heat / cold. Glad to see you getting
    your materials together and slowly sell off the stuff you were planning. 

  • MollyDolly says:

    I am eager to see walls! So, glad you got the trailer sold… hope you can
    get enough 2x? to do the walls now.

    When does the framer plan on arriving?

  • Captain Carl Wright says:

    That will not be enough insulation for your tiny house. You must use house
    wrap too.

  • RadicalRC says:

    Soda is pure poison. But, if you’re going to consume it, throw some in a
    fish basket and leave it in a deep part of the creek. You’ll have a cool
    drink then when you want it.

  • minecraftkid309 says:

    Troy, about that old Wisconsin engine that you found. What horsepower is
    it? That old beast looks like an 8, 10 or even 12 horse. If you could get
    it running before you sell it on Craigslist, you could get some extra money
    for it.

  • MotherOfManyHorses says:

    McD’s sweet tea!! Only thing better when it’s hot is ice cold root beer.
    😀 This time of year I always ask for extra ice because it melts so fast.

  • 2012solarful says:

    If you did decide to get the engine running, you would probably get more
    for it. However, I know you don’t have time for that. God bless:-) 

  • lee986321 says:

    It is cool that you got some great deals. 8 thought long and hard with my
    deal with Harbor Freight. I went with a 400 watt inverter. I mean after all
    all I am doing for now is operating some simple electronic devices.

    The generator will be used for the heavy needs. Like heating and so forth
    in case of power outages..and the occasional test run.

    At any rate I needed the new meter..back lit and DC Amps.. 

  • Wisdom Offered says:

    i was concerned to see your birds so hungry, please tell me theyre fed on a
    daily basis

  • Winston Smith says:

    Sounds like you got a good deal on the boat trailer! If you come across a
    trailer that can be used for a tiny home, keep me in mind. I might be
    interested in buying it. I’m only about an hour and half northwest of you.
    FYI: that radiant barrier needs to have space in front of it in order to
    work. It needs to go on the inside on the framing studs. There are some
    good vids on YouTube about how radiant barriers work. 

  • Amanullah Bryan says:

    Seeing the chickens come roaring around the corner and up to the gate was
    priceless! I laughed so hard, actually I’m still laughing.

  • Colin Keevil says:

    I hear that bubble wrap is awesome stuff. Major score today Troy, great

  • Lynn Morrow says:

    When is the pro framer coming?

  • jgreen302 says:

    Troy. . .that is reflectix . . . That is REALLY good stuff and it is
    EXPENSIVE. You got a better deal than you know!!!!!

  • Vicki Olson says:

    Why not use your cardboard as weed barrier in your garden rather than
    throwing it away. Earthworms love the glue that it is made with and you
    will be amazed at how short a time it takes to attract them. 

  • Dave Grohl says:

    Have you thought about how you are going to decorate your tarp for the

  • Frederick Nolan says:

    Rainin here in Miami, so I thought u heard my thunder. The chickens know
    BIRD means food and they do move fast. Only time they move faster is when
    they are main course, which will be a couple of years from now. Any brown
    egg layers in the brood. The sled brought back some memories but mine was a
    5ft. monster. Well good luck gettin it done be4 the snow flies. U R moving
    along, just the outsides and roof up, and you do the interior as snow blows
    by the kitchen window.

  • Dianna DiannaC says:

    Very nice catch on the radiant barrier and that great window. Keep it up
    Troy, great catches. And those birds are really excited to see you HA HA.

  • Walter Bodine says:

    i thought that ice box was junk and if you add a few more windows you will
    have a green house how about showing us your building plans again

  • Terry Teague says:

    the moral of today’s story is don’t drag your feet or you get pooped on. )

  • DEW W says:

    I am so sick of all the stupid uncalled for and selfish negative bovine
    dung… I wish all the thumbs down comments would cease and everyone would
    just say thanks troy good job your not just sitting on your glutious
    maximus collecting my tax dollars… Or maybe even say , “hey why don’t you
    try this?” Oh yea, and “COMMENT”…

  • MollyDolly says:

    Which trailer did you sell? The boat trailer? The heavy hauler? Or was
    there a different one?

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