Shake Shingle Siding Water Damage Problems – Home Repairs In this video you will learn about shake shingle siding water damage problems. Sometimes shingles can become d…
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2 Responses to Shake Shingle Siding Water Damage Problems – Home Repairs

  • gregvancom says:

    You’re probably right, shingles cut out of the wrong section of the tree
    will usually lead to bigger problems and I too love the looks of wood
    shingles, even though the fire department might not and you’re right, they
    do need to be maintained, like everything else.

  • s37d says:

    The shingles in this vid don’t look like typical r&r though, possibly
    inferior quality. Can’t beat the look of shingles. The cedar shingles on my
    Massachusetts home have a few split here and there, but they’ve been on the
    house for a very long time. Just have to keep an eye on it and replace any
    that split. though they take more maintenance than, say, vinyl siding, the
    look is far superior. It’s also much easier to blow in insulation into a
    home with shingles compared to clapboard style.

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