Sidewalk Patch And Concrete Shrinkage – Home Repairs Click on this link for a complete list of construction and home repair videos. I would imagine, if concrete didn’t have any water in…

2 Responses to Sidewalk Patch And Concrete Shrinkage – Home Repairs

  • gregvancom says:

    I think you covered about every possible reason why something like this
    happened and you’re not going to get an argument from me about either one
    of them. Thanks for taking the time to leave the comment. We see things
    every day that don’t make a lot of sense, until we actually find out the
    reason why and this is a good example of one of those things.

  • spelunkerd says:

    The biggest cosmetic difference here is the different surface texture in
    the patch compared to old. The stones are right on the surface rather than
    settled as in the finished older work. I suspect it dried too quickly and
    they didn’t trowel it enough to allow the stones to settle below the
    surface. Or, maybe it rained and the top was washed away. When you buy
    readymix in bags you should buy extra Portland cement to give better
    durability for the topcoat smooth surface.

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