Simple Living: Building a Low Cost Panel Home (Structural Insulated Panels / SIP)

Using painted galvanized steel structural insulated foam panels (SIPs), my awesome brother (the one wearing the hat) put together my 96 square meter (includi…
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  • gherman nicu says:

    Here is the link Energy savin methods: ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM

  • Godsgirl8484 says:

    Hello! I am very intrigued about these panel homes. Could you tell me the actual cost in us dollars please?

  • bluemoondiadochi says:

    and I should add, it looks pretty! it looks like a normal house – prefab houses often look too modern for my taste!
    anyway, happy living without mortgage!

  • Jean Botts says:


  • MsCarolSue Tou says:

    I love the house, what a great idea. Wish I could it too. Nice video. Thanks

  • orlibug84 says:

    thanks for replying 🙂 ,yes my questions wernt that clear…sorry bout that, thank you for your info

  • EvendimataE says:

    are those the same panels used for cold storage?

  • eeplox says:

    My solar panel system (inverter, photovoltiac panels, 6 batteries, stand) was 6000 euros used, but that was 4 years ago. Solar panels are cheaper now. The windmills were 1000 each new, but they’re pretty useless. Neither of them has turned for a while and they produce so little power that I’m not even going to bother repairing them. They also have the bad habit of killing birds that fly into them, so I’m really not very fond of them.

  • eeplox says:

    Hi. Your qs aren’t very clear – Buy what? Panels? I bought them locally, wouldn’t make sense for you to import panels from here, they’re big & heavy. You’d need to find an Irish factory or distributor. I can’t say I have any idea what an Irish builder would charge you, you’ll have to ask someone local for a quote. You can probably buy a pre-fab from a company that’ll assemble it for you. Sorry I can’t be more help. If you want something you can build on your own without tools – earthbag domes.

  • orlibug84 says:

    hi eeplox 🙂 great video.lovely home well wear :D,i hope to accomplish a morgage free home too within the next 5 years , i am saving at the irish and would like to know is this posssible to buy this wherever you got yours from?also i see the price for the foundation and structure itself but im a woman whos no good with tools so could you give me a rough estimate of the building of this in full please?also the cost of your photo and wind solar panels and instalation,much appriciated 😀

  • eeplox says:

    I was worried about that too, but there were strong winds all winter, and the house didn’t even flinch. Welding would take a ton of power, more than my inverter can handle.

  • FatJan says:

    This house looks quite attractive. I like it. The inside is nicely done. The exterior looks fantastic. A marked improvement over your container house.

    For structural soundness, isn’t it better to have every 3 feet of panels secured to steel rods? Being that high up in the hills, you must have to deal with strong wind from time to time.

  • eeplox says:

    If you use plain dirt, the structure won’t be insulated.

  • Nasi-Aryeh BenIsrael says:

    yeah i have checked them out a little bit. they seem to be pretty interesting. a little different structure of building system and techniques but I’m sure I could figure it out although I am far more comfortable with traditional building system of construction. I have even heard concerning earth bags that you can just use the dirt that is pre existing on the building site to fill the bags if nothing else is that pretty true from your research and experience?

  • eeplox says:

    Btw, have you looked into earthbag dome houses? They’re as good as it gets, especially if you live somewhere where perlite or scoria (for filling the bags) are cheap.

  • eeplox says:

    Because shipping containers are used for industrial purposes, they can be very toxic environments. Potent carcinogenic pesticides are injected into the floor. I used it at the time because it’s all I had & I was one of the first people to do it, so the information about their toxicity wasn’t yet out there. But it’s probably not a good idea unless you’re sure the container is safe. They also have very thin roofs, which can leak. So if you’re going to do it, I’d suggest installing a sloped roof.

  • Nasi-Aryeh BenIsrael says:

    ah I see well sorry to hear that you didn’t have too much luck with the shelter. I was super excited to see how you rigged it up and your video was one of the first videos I saw that gave me a lot of inspiration to use them for a build/shelter material. being that you had issues with it would you still not recommend it as a building material. or would you just caution people to make sure they are water proof and and all of that? just wondering as they are still very affordable and available here

  • BadassCeino says:

    How much does this build up cost?

  • eeplox says:

    It’s still on my land. It’s higher up than the panel house. I lived in it for 3 years but had to stop because there was black mould growing all over the plasterboard. I think water was leaking in somehow. It caused me a lot of headache because it shorted out my solar electric system. I spent a fortune buying a new inverter and that also shorted out a week later, and then I was without power for more than 6 months because the guy that sold it to me/installed it was giving me the runaround.

  • Nasi-Aryeh BenIsrael says:

    what happened to your shipping container cabin? did you demolish it or did you just build the new sip house on another site on your land?

  • Athelite18 says:

    I looked into container construction for a time but decided against it when I was informed that many are coated with highly volatile substances to ward off rodents and prevent mold and therefore, had to be sanded/stripped before the construction and living process. I too would love to reside in a dome house not only because of their comparatively high energy efficiency and durability but also because they are very unique where Im from. Have you seen the website yet?

  • The66Channel says:

    That is very inspiring. I also like to live cheap.My way was to buy a mobilehome because of the buiilding regulations in germany. Well done.

  • eeplox says:

    Dome shaped panels? That’s awesome. I always wanted a dome house, but earthbags wouldn’t be viable here as the volcanic rock insulation you fill the bags with is too expensive here & there are humidity concerns. A dome shaped panel house would be perfect. But now that I’ve lived in this house through summer, winter and spring, I can safely say I haven’t been uncomfortably hot or cold and I don’t have any heating or cooling. The container cabin I lived in for 3 years was freezing in the winter.

  • Athelite18 says:

    I’m glad to see others looking into alternative for housing as well. I too am interested in insulated panel construction and I have discovered an outfit in Mississippi (US) that specializes in it (Composite Building Systems Inc.). However, this company manufactures panels for dome homes which can be more efficient than square shaped structures (less space to heat/cool, extreme weather resistance and very low maintenance). It’s a long way from Cyprus but I wanted to share this information.

  • Agatha Anggi says:


  • Appreciate this post. Will try it out.

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