Smart Building: Pioneering Sustainable Design & Construction

The new SF Public Utilities Commission Headquarters, located at 525 Golden Gate Avenue, is possibly the greenest office building in America. Applying evolvin…

14 Responses to Smart Building: Pioneering Sustainable Design & Construction

  • ziphler says:

    Excellent film Scott Wiseman, Well done.

  • Thianro Uklian says:

    Why in the first place they choose not concrete? Simple laymen know
    concrete is more durable…

  • Barbara Nelles says:

    Scott Nelles speaks about the Living Machine installation at the new SFPUC
    headquarters in this San Fran Gov’t TV program

  • Thermoply R says:

    Very interesting, a sustainable building with LEED Platinum certification

  • tsgmultimedia says:


  • Eric Goetz says:

    congrats! such a very very nice post!

  • Maurien Bart says:

    Will it beat time? All these moving parts will even be wear out! What
    abbout algae and limescale? Who prevent dropping not healthy stuff in the
    water cleaning systems? It is a open system and if it is drink water after
    recycling it can be dangerous. I think it is not a solid system!

  • Elise Johansen says:

    Love this!!!! Congrats, Uncle Scott!

  • spikedpsycho says:

    The SFPUC already has a headquarters located across the street from it so
    they spent more money for the purpose of expanding it’s offices, just
    another example of the expansion of government. And the time frame it takes
    to accumulate it’s financial saving’s will take decades; by then the
    building will have to be refurbished. It’s just an excuse for politicians
    to spend money, cut ribbons and look good in front of the press.

  • Hal Baker says:

    Ok this is not a ad, just an advice considering that every cubicle has a
    computer screen why not use something like f.lux : f.lux fixes this : it
    makes the color of your computer’s display adapt to the time of day, warm
    at night and like sunlight during the day. It’s freeware, increases
    readibilty but i’m not sure about reducing electricity consumption ?

  • Panda Eyes says:

    Not totally impressed. There should never be a need for air conditioning
    for a building this way north of the equator – make use of natural air

  • SFGovTV says:

    The water recycling system which recycles 60% of the building water is only
    for NON-POTABLE purposes.

  • tax deduction says:

    Great and brilliant!

  • Cyclerovnorth says:

    If you set your own classification, shouldn’t it be based on aspirations of
    assessed sustainability targets?. What were the appraisal outcomes of the

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