Team Building Program at Horse Sense of the Carolinas

Team Building Program at Horse Sense of the Carolinas

Explore a short video describing the leadership and teambuilding programs of Equine Interactive Learning at Horse Sense of the Carolinas!

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25 Responses to Team Building Program at Horse Sense of the Carolinas

  • elion565 says:

    Cycle 4, High volume benchpress 5 times a week??

  • Mitch Brackenbury says:

    Jump manual review?

  • Hayden D says:

    Hey Elliot, i’ve heard alot about 21 day fast mass muscle building, please
    review it and its ideas, even though its a bodybuilding programme, i would
    still like your insight!

  • Luke Matthews says:

    Elliot, please could you do a review of Athlean-X. I feel that Athlean-X
    makes a lot of bold statements and the workouts don’t seem to back them up,
    especially as they are designed to be used both in the gym and at home.
    Thanks in advance, and by the way I really like your approach to fitness
    and life in general 🙂

  • MrFinny95 says:


  • Wingsfan7 says:

    Do a review on Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 2nd edition, and Chandler Marchman’s
    SWOLE system, I think both are great, would love to hear your thoughts!

  • zziggy pav says:

    Elliot can you do a review of StrongLIfts

  • EBFCFCFC says:

    acne video please were all waiting!

  • jghomer says:

    elliot has mentioned and recommended wendler 5/3/1 on quite a few occasions
    during his videos, I believe he said he started his training many years ago
    with it. Check out Brandon on his CampbellFitnessTV youtube channel for a
    good review and to follow his workouts as he posts them. He is currently
    doing it (not for the first time) with a bodybuilding assistance template

  • PrimiFit says:

    Please review The Blueprint by Rob Regish, thank you.

  • alistair kew says:

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOBReview the athlean X program!!!!!!

  • LeonItsMe says:

    Great review. as Restless said it would be nice to hear what you have got
    to say about over-trainingresting- lately i got ALL the symptoms of
    overtraining and i am resting already 3 days – i have shakings like junkie
    and each day the musclestendons hurt somehow more. Intersting channel glad
    i found it- too much advertising shit lately(

  • safe834 says:

    whats up eliot? can you please do a review on Muscle Maximizer Review by
    kyle leon! thank!

  • alistair kew says:


  • Dan Renna says:

    what are sprint 8 exercises? you mean like hill sprints?

  • Dan Renna says:

    Elliott… If I had a camera I would make a video question… I dont have
    money and dont have a camera… I would like to know about body recomp. I
    want to stay at 220lbs, follow your grow stronger method or 5/3/1 and
    recomp to cut fat while replacing it with muscle so I stay the same weight
    but get stronger. I know a lot of guys have recomp questions. I just do not
    know how to go about it, what cardio to do if any, I powerlift, and would
    actually like to look good without a shirt…

  • Kevin Coughlin says:

    5×5 reg park program. thoughts 🙂

  • xDarkBilly13 says:

    You cant comment now while ads are playing?

  • Najee Londa says:

    Gay 3

  • Chris Barlow says:

    VInce DelMonte?

  • deltzy says:

    Gay 6

  • MultiRapsta says:

    you might want to fix the link??

  • Kbd2996 says:

    I like these videos

  • SaderReloaded says:

    I rather Wendler’s 5/3/1 and Alain’s 7/5/3/1 for strength and muscle

  • guitarjoe20 says:

    That dude on the cover has some serious lats.

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