TRIAS hydraulics system by Hitachi Construction Machinery

The TRIAS hydraulics system is installed on several models of medium excavators. It uses three pumps for improved fuel efficiency and controllability where e…
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John Deere’s Skid Steer (available in Australia from Hitachi — returns for a second season of The Skid Steer smackdown ! Watch the Jo…

6 Responses to TRIAS hydraulics system by Hitachi Construction Machinery

  • alyx griffith says:

    I am so glad the john deer beat NH ass

  • ViKiNGSBEAST199 says:

    Bobcat operator didn’t lower the bucket as the Deere
    driver did. Any idiot could see that. 

  • farmboyearlyriser says:

    Thats not totaly true either…they should habe the same operator on each

  • jaysafer85 says:

    Damn, I grew up loving Bobcat and New Holland in the ’80s. John Deere is
    king in all others but I guess it is too in Skid Steers.

  • LUNITIC WILL says:

    who cares what is the best it is all in opinion I like bobcat but my friend
    says they are the worst because the are still chain driven

  • Jr Perez says:

    look at the way the bucket is minipulated over the hump ! FIX

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